The Super Widgeon Flys Again

This G-44 Widgeon has had some major repairs and alterations over the last three and a half years. Widgeon G44
engines The plane is owned by Pete and Maralyn Soby of Boulder Colorado. It was brought to Cranland in Hanson, MA for an engine conversion to TIO 540 Lycomings.
First other modifications were made such as water and land gross weight increases and the replacement of the center section due to corrosion. gear
Cessna Seat Several field approvals such as the installation of Cessna adjustable seats
and composite spinner domes. composite domes
It was finally flown by Dennis Burke and brought to American Aero Services for a final inspection and to complete the pile of paperwork to make it all airworthy. widgeon at AAS
This is Mike Maurano of "Alumaurano Custom Metal Works".
The subtle smile of approval after flying the plane for the first time.
Mike Maurano
Three and a half years of fabricating comes together to make an incredible flying plane.
The plane made several test flights and is now home in Colorado.
Good Luck Pete!

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